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Welcome to my kickstart page where I’d like to introduce you to the different types of contributions you can make towards the creation of my debut solo album ‘Soulshine’. I have been working on this album and these songs for a few years and now it is time for all the ideas and thoughts to come to fruition and I began to think about the most personal ways for you guys to get involved in hearing this all develop along the way. There will be 3 levels of contribution which you will find below explaining what each level will grant you access to. There will be a plethora of upcoming content added to these areas that you can gain access to by contributing towards making this album come to life. In exchange for helping contribute towards the debut album not only will you be able to hear all sorts of ‘work in progress’ mixes, demos, backing tracks, physical and digital versions of the album, bonus tracks and so much more but you will be helping and contributing to allowing me to create an albums worth of music in its fullest form! Being able to create this album with all the top end production it fully deserves.

Your CD will be dispatched to you as soon as possible at launch! We will contact you by email in advance so you can give us your best delivery address.

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